“Those to whom we have given the Book [Quran] recite it with its due recitation. It is these who truly believe in it.” (Surah 2: 121)

This website is a free interactive resource to help you lay the foundations of Quranic Arabic in an easy, enjoyable and systematic way. It focuses on 250 high frequency words in the Quran that make up just over 2/3 of the Quran (based on corpus.quran.com). These consist of approximately 100 nouns, 75 verbs and 75 particles. You will find flash cards, matching games, multiple choice questions and a range of ‘tests’ in the Practice section. The words have been grouped into themes e.g parts of the body and human relations, to make them easier to remember.

By committing 1 hour per week, you will be able to understand nearly 66% of the total words in the Quran in 6 months, insha’ Allah.

This will lay solid foundations for further learning (see Next Steps). In the Test Yourself section, you can check how well you know these words by taking the Quizzes. You can include your name in the ‘Masha’ Allah’ Board once you have completed the quiz. Hopefully, this will encourage others to follow your lead.

How To Use

4 Steps – in the following order:

  1. Learn the vocabulary
  2. Test yourself with the vocabulary
  3. Learn the 10 big ideas
  4. Learn the 10 verb patterns

You should learn all the vocabulary first then move on to the Next Steps – 10 big ideas and 10 verb patterns.

STEP 1 – Learn the Vocabulary

Go to the practise pages to learn the vocabulary. Learn the nouns first, then the verbs and finally the particles.

The vocabulary has been split up into groups and you should aim to learn at least 1 group each week.

  • For each group listen to the audio and possibly download it to listen to it away from the Internet. You should also use the flashcards.
  • Then you can then test yourself using mini tests.
  • In addition, there is also a game to play to learn in a more enjoyable way.

STEP 2 – Test yourself with the vocabulary

Once you have learned the vocabulary in a group then you can test yourself by visiting the test yourself page. At the end of the test you can choose to have your results displayed on the leader boards – Masha’Allah boards.

Only move on to the nest group when you’ve scored 90%+ on the current group.

STEP 3 – Learn the 10 big ideas

Once you have learned all the vocabulary then you should move on to learn the 10 big ideas. Each idea is a simple Arabic grammar rule

You should aim to learn one each week.

STEP 4 – Learn the 10 main verb groups

Once you have learned all the 10 big ideas then you should move on to learn the 10 verb patterns.

You should aim to learn one each week


Insha’ Allah we aspire to motivate and encourage every Muslim – young or old – who can phonetically recite the Quran to learn the 250 High Frequency Words. This will prepare them for the next steps in their journey to experience for themselves the Words of Allah in their original, beautiful Arabic.

A modest first  step towards this is to  get 100 people to learn 100 high frequency nouns in the Qur’an during Ramadan, the month of the Quran.

May Allah bless every moment you strive and struggle to connect with His Book,  and bless us all with the wisdom and light contained within it. Ameen.

Hafiz Muhammad Naveed Idrees